July, 2008 ·  Saturday
A few months back I brought light to my friend, Mike Windham's company, New Spin 360 out of Norman. They shoot amazing Flash-based, high-resolution 360º panoramas of just about anything from homes to entire metro areas.

New Spin 360 Virtual Tour of OKC Skyline
The OKC skyline and the Bricktown Ball Park, as seen in a New Spin 360 Panorama of Oklahoma City.

This week, an MLR reader stumbled upon that post and shared it with the rest of OKC over at OKC Talk. Thanks to that post, and to Steve Lackmeyer's mentioning at OKC Central, New Spin 360 is becoming quite the buzz among those with a love for the City and a connection to the net.

For some background on how these sky-high panoramas are made, be sure to check out this past story in The Oklahoman featuring Mike and his team.
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